Monday, 20.11.2017
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Hi, if you would like to let other people know of any progress or experience
you have had with my sessions, you are more then welcome to post it on this page, so other people can 
read your story too and they might understand better what natural healing can do for your body.

Just send me your story by e-mail and I will post it for you.

Regards, Judith.

Testimonial 1:
Loved the reflexology session, I felt great after. Really relaxing, I think I fell asleep!!!   again!

Thanks, D.

Testimonial 2:
The Reiki session was "weird" in a good way. I could feel the heat and energy "flow" and my knee felt way better already.

I will come again soon, thanks Albert.

Testimonial 3:
Your Reflexology session was great. I loved the soothing music in the background.
Really relaxing and I felt great for a few days after.
I told my friend and she got really interested and will give you a call soon, or I will bring her with me to my next appointment.
I will call you soon, J.