Monday, 20.11.2017
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All my modalities may assist:
- Decrease Anxiety
- Promote Relaxation
- Promote More Restful Sleep
- Increase Circulation - helps Cold Hands & Feet
- Assist the Body with Natural Healing
- Balance Energy
- Relieve Stress
- Re-energizes

Reiki can assist with various conditions including:
- T.M.J. disorder
- Headaches
- Stomachaches
- Leukemia
- Heart Disease
- Cancer
- Stress
- Anxiety and more

Reflexology can assist with various conditions including:
- Foot Pain
- Heel Pain
- Peripheral Neuropathy
- Constipation, IBS
- PMS, Headaches
- Anxiety
- Insomnia
- Stress and more

Hot/cold Jade Stone Massage can assist with various conditions including:

- promoting deep muscle and tissue relaxation
- relief of pain and muscle spasm
- improves circulation
- alleviating stress
- strengthens blood vessels
- smoothing out wrinkles
- calms the mind and relaxes the body
- releasing toxins and increasing overall health

Chair Massage can assist with various conditions including:

- improves lymph circulation
- promoting muscle and tissue relaxation
- relieves stress
- helping to prevent repetitive stress injuries
- re- energizes
- full body relaxation

Tong-Ren Therapy can stabilize various ailments like:

- Cancer
- Heart and Blood Vessel Disorders
- Lung an Airway Disorders
- Bone, Joint and Muscle Disorders
- Brain and Nerve Disorders
- Mental Health Disorders
- Mouth and Dental Disorders
- Digestive Disorders
- Liver and Gallbladder Disorders
- Kidney and Urinary Tract Disorders
- Disorders of Nutrition and Metabolism
- Hormonal Disorders
- Blood Disorders
- Skin Disorders
- Ear, Nose and Throat Disorders
- Eye Disorders
- Men's, Women's and Children's Health Issues
- Immune Disorders and Infection

Practicing Yoga can help with:

- Healthier Heart.
- Anxiety Relief.
- Lower Stress Levels.
- Lower Blood Pressure.
- Increased Flexibility.
- Greater Balance.
- Improved Lung Capacity.
- Improved Brain Functions.
- Better Sexual Function and Libido.
- Improved General Health.
- Lower Blood Sugar Levels in Diabetics.
- Relief from Chronic Back and/or Neck Pain.
- Better mind-body connection.... and much more.

Laughter Yoga may help with:

- Relax Muscles.
- Enhance Oxygen Intake.
- Trigger the Release of Endorphins (the body's natural painkiller)
- Stimulate the Heart and Lungs.
- Ease Digestion/ Soothes Stomach Aches.
- Balance Blood Pressure.
- Reduce Tension/Stress.
- Boost the Immune System.
- Relieve Pain.
- Improve Sleep.
- Promote Relaxation.
- Strengthen Social Bonds and Relationships.
...and more.

Hypnosis can help with:

- Losing Weight.
- Stress and Anger Management.
- Asthma and Anxiety.
- Fears and Phobias.
- Sexual Dysfunction.
- Motivation.
- Study/ Learning Skills.
- Smoking, Drinking and other Addictions.
- Teeth Grinding and Nail Biting.
- Improving Relationships.
... and so much more.

Help for Senior Citizens:

- Reiki and Reflexology and Yoga are particularly beneficial for senior citizens as it can help improve circulation to the entire body.

- If Jade Stones are used, they may not be used as hot as in a regular Jade Stone Massage session.

- Tong-Ren may stabilize various ailments.

Good Circulation — Why it’s Important

Every minute of the day your blood is busy bringing oxygen and nutrients for maintenance and repair to every single cell of your body.
Circulation also brings antibodies and hormones, and removes cellular wastes, toxins and inflammation.
Good circulation is critical for energy, brain function, blood pressure, heart function, metabolism, digestion, immune function, and every other bodily process.
Good circulation is absolutely vital to health and the healing process, from muscle stress after exercise, to healing after an injury.

Tight or sore muscles, which are often caused by stress, restrict circulation.
Soreness in muscles after exercise is often caused by an excess of lactic acid that the body is unable to remove from the muscle tissue.
Reiki and Reflexology are wonderful ways to increase circulation in the entire body, as well as target particular areas of need.
The use of Hot/cold Jade Stone and/or Chair Massage are a very effective way to improve circulation, muscle relaxation, releasing tension & feeling great.
Experience the benefits of Reiki, Reflexology, Tong-Ren, Jade Stone Massage and Chair Massage!

**Reiki, Reflexology, Tong-Ren, Jade Stone Massage, Chair Massage, Yoga, Laughter Yoga and Hypnosis are not a substitute for standard medical care,
please see your doctor for any medical condition.**