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A Reiki treatment is a way of increasing your life energy.
A practitioner will transmit Reiki to the client through their hands.
The hands are lightly placed on or near the body in various positions around the head, shoulders, stomach and feet.
Sometimes a practitioner will also treat above the body.
A treatment can feel like a warm glowing radiance that flows through the body.
It is a very relaxing experience and some clients report the body feeling heavy, or tingling in their hands and feet, a floating experience or the presence of beautiful colors.

A treatment will usually release negative feelings or thoughts, leaving the client feeling more positive, light- hearted, and with feelings of well-being.
Balanced energy is important to good health and feeling well.
Your body energy affects your moods, emotions and feelings of health & wellness, and your immune system.

The benefits of Reiki include:

- Strengthening the immune system
- Releasing & reducing stress
- Expanded feelings of health & well-being
- Feeling balanced and grounded

Reiki Distance Healing:

What is it and how does it work?

Distance Healing is when the practitioner sends Reiki energy to the receiver with intent. It is just as powerful as having a one on one session. It is very helpful especially when the client is unable to come to the practice to receive their session. It works the same as Reiki but Reiki Distance Healing get send from a distance, so it doesn't matter where you are. You might even be on the other side of the world from me. It is recommended that you received a Reiki session before a Distance Healing so you know what to expect and/or notice, but it is not mandatory.

I can schedule a time when the session is to happen or I can send the energy to be available when the receiver can or wants to receive it (based on intent again). Normally Reiki energy is sent to the person as such but it can also be sent to specific problems. When I perform Distance Healing, usually the client sits or lies comfortably on their own bed or recliner etc. and is fully clothed. I will use a recent picture of the client as a medium for the Reiki energy flow. Also, I will use special Reiki symbols to connect to the client's aura so the client is able to receive the Reiki energy.

A Distance Healing session will take about 20 minutes.


Tong-Ren is an exciting and powerful form of energy healing developed by Tom Tam more than 25 years ago.
Each organ in the body is kept healthy by the natural flow of Chi energy from the brain, and interruption or blockages of that necessary bioelectric signal leads to disease.
Tong-Ren Therapy utilizes natural tendencies toward synchronization to bring diseased organs back into harmony with the healthy bioelectrical patterns.
In Tong-Ren we tap into the vast reserve of health sustaining energy.

Tong-Ren practitioners apply energy by "tapping" or "marking"on particular points on a picture of the human body.
In this way they focus their mind on physical locations on the picture, corresponding to locations on the client where the normal flow of nurturing Chi energy is blocked.
The "Tapping" and/or "marking" is frequently successful and health is restored.

As a Tong-Ren practitioner, we never make a medical diagnosis or prescribe a treatment nor practice medicine.
We can never promise a cure or successful result, we can only invite you to accept synchrony with healthy collective energy, and allow it to cure or stabilize your ailment.
When you experience others becoming cured, your belief will help to heal you also.
Tong-Ren is already used by more than 10,000 practitioners worldwide in 2008, today it will be even more.

  • Tong-Ren can help with:

    ADD/ADHD - Acne - Allergies - Alzheimer's Disease - Anorexia - Anxiety - Arthritis
    - Asthma - Atrophic Gastritis (Chronic) - Autism and more...
    Baby Delivery - Back Sprain - Blood Clot (Thrombus) - Blood Pressure High/Low
    - Bone Spur - Bronchitis - Bursitis ( Frozen Shoulder) and more...
    Cancer - Canker Sores - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Cataracts - Cellulitis
    - Cerebral Palsy - Colic - Crohn's Disease and more...
    Deafness/Hearing loss - Depression - Diabetes 1+2 - Down's Syndrome
    - Dry Eye (Xerophthalmia) - Duodenal Ulcer - Dyslexia and more...
    Eczema - Emphysema - Epilepsy - Esophagitis - Essential Hypertension
    - Eye Problems and more...
    Fainting/Syncope - Fatty Liver - Feeling Edgy/Fear - Fibromyalgia
    - Flatulence/Gas - Food Allergy and more...
    Gallstones - Glaucoma - Glossitis - Gout
    - Gum Symptoms and more...
    HIV - Hair Loss - Headaches - Heartburn - Heavy Period
    - Hemorrhoid - Hepatitis B+C - Herniated Disc - Hiccups and more...
    Indigestion/Dyspepsia - Infertility - Insomnia
    - Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) - Itchy Eyes and more...
    Keratitis - Kidney Failure - Kidney Problems - Kidney Stones - Knee problems
    Laryngitis - Lazy Eye - Leg Cramps - Lower Back Pain/Sprain
    - Lung Problems - Lyme Disease  and more...
    Mastitis - Meniere's Disease - Menopause - Migraine
    - Multiple Sclerosis (MS) -Mumps and more...
    Nausea - Neck Problems - Nephritis - Night Blindness and more...
    Obesity - Osteoarthritis - Osteoporosis and more...
    Pancreatitis - Panic Disorder - Parkinson's Disease - PMS  - Poison Ivy and more...
    Raynaud's Disease - Restless Leg Syndrome - Rhinitis
    - Root Canal/Abcess - Rosacea and more...
    Scoliosis - Sinus Headaches - Sleep Apnea - Stroke - Stuttering
    - Suicidal Thoughts - Sweat Problems and more...
    TMJ - Tennis Elbow - Testicular Pain - Thyroid Problems
    - Tourette's Syndrome - Tremor and more...
    Urethritis - Urethral Stone - Urination Problems
    Vaginitis - Vertigo
    Water Retention - Whiplash Injury - Wound Healing
    Yeast Infection.